nivello ladder shoe | © MUNK GmbH nivello ladder shoe | © MUNK GmbH



Construction site with MUNK Günzburger Steigtechnik  | © MUNK GmbH
Uncompromising quality – created for use under the toughest conditions.

1. Access solutions by professionals for professionals

Safety at the highest level. The MUNK Group is one of the leading premium suppliers of ladders, mobile scaffolding, special constructions and rescue equipment. Our “Made in Germany” products prove what we mean by quality and reliability, even under the harshest operating conditions. Continuously optimised and improved on the basis of many years of real-world use, they make us what we are: The technology and innovation leader for access solutions.

Platform ladder by MUNK Günzburger Steigtechnik | © MUNK GmbH
Quality is a matter of conviction and means much more than the way a product is made.

2. “Made in Germany” products with 15-year guarantee

You can see our extremely high demands for the quality of our products, solutions and services in every detail. And because that’s how it is, we offer you our guarantee. With sustainable and rapid spare parts supply and a 15-year guarantee on all our “Made in Germany” series products, which is unique in the industry.

Rescue platform MUNK Rettungstechnik | © MUNK GmbH
Innovative and smart rescue equipment for maximum safety in action.

3. Ideal solutions for every industry and every task

MUNK products allow you to design safe and efficient work areas according to your industry requirements or individual wishes. Whether in trade, industry, the public sector, rescue equipment or in the private sector. Whether indoors or outdoors. With more than 2,500 smart products in the standard range and custom special constructions, MUNK offers you the perfect solution for every activity and every task. Ideal for efficient, convenient work with maximum demands on your occupational safety.