Fire brigade ladder / rope ladder in use | © MUNK GmbH Fire brigade ladder / rope ladder in use | © MUNK GmbH

For maximum safety in operation

MUNK Rettungstechnik

Because if the
worst should happen,
every second counts.

Highest standards for fire and rescue services and disaster relief

An area where the quality of the equipment can be a matter of life and death. That is why our product development teams are continuously working on innovative solutions together with the emergency services. So that nothing slips in an emergency where every movement counts. And we underline this with a comprehensive range for rescue equipment. From multi-functional ladders, scaling and rope-extension ladders, to mission-specific rescue platforms and toolboxes, to the largest range of mobile container solutions. All accompanied by a wide-ranging consulting, service and training programme.

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Aluminium boxes in use | © MUNK GmbH
Stackable and robust transport boxes make work more effective, more ergonomic and safer.

Maximum safety for emergency and rescue services and the victims on site. This is our mission. MUNK Rettungstechnik recognises its long-term responsibility in this respect. And sets standards in the industry with its access solutions and transport logistics that are perfectly matched to the application. With advanced, clever and professional solutions that have been tried and tested many times over. For the decisive added extra in safety – especially for those who have to rely absolutely on the quality of their equipment even under the toughest conditions.

Mobile container and rescue platform in use | © MUNK GmbH
We offer a comprehensive range of mobile container solutions in the field of rescue equipment.

Manufactured to the highest MUNK-specific quality standards, our products naturally comply with all relevant standards and regulations, as well as being made exclusively from the best materials and using state-of-the-art production processes. This applies to all products from our standard range as well as to our custom special constructions. Because offering people maximum safety and perfect conditions in every assignment is our goal. And that’s why we take care of every little product detail.

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