Timeline: Corporate history of the MUNK Group | © MUNK GmbH Timeline: Corporate history of the MUNK Group | © MUNK GmbH


A journey through time

For over 120 years, the Munk family has been dedicated to access technology – with great success. Our company is one of the most prominent in its industry. This ascent of course has reasons: passion and inventiveness have been part of a tradition spanning generations, as well as a clear commitment to our home region.

The Munk company is founded in Reisensburg by Ferdinand Munk’s great-grandfather, Leopold Munk, at the age of 23. 

It focuses on wainwrighting, and soon adds the manufacture of wooden ladders. As early as 1925, his garden ladder invention
is awarded the gold medal at the trade fair in Munich.

Ludwig Munk takes over the business from his father. He is the first person in Reisensburg to own a motorbike and tirelessly visiting customers with it. In his backpack, he always carries the model of an extendible fire service ladder with him, which he had designed himself.

He specialises in the manufacture of fire, domestic and garden ladders and soon products from Munk are the first choice in the region.

The firm is handed over to Ferdinand Munk’s father, Leopold Munk, who modernises the machinery and expands the product range. With Leopold’s nose for product innovation, technical finesse and, last but not least, his incredible sales talent, the company continues to flourish. The fire service is Leopold Munk’s passion and under his leadership the company becomes the leading fire service supplier in the region.

Ferdinand Munk founds the company Günzburger Leiternbau together with his wife Ruth and specialises in ladders made of aluminium, steel and stainless steel. As early as 1985, he expands the product range to include mobile and folding scaffolding.

In 1991, Ferdinand Munk takes over the company Leopold Munk KG after the sudden death of his father and expands the product range again: the Special Constructions division is founded and manufactures custom special access solutions according to customer requirements.

A groundbreaking year: The merger of Leopold Munk KG and the company Günzburger Leiterbau creates “Günzburger Steigtechnik”.

The new company focuses on opening up new markets and technologies. Always under the premise of manufacturing premium products with genuine added value for the customer. The company continues to grow in the following years. Production capacities are expanded in several construction phases, the distribution system is expanded, new jobs are created. 

The ladder shoe becomes movable: The innovative nivello® ladder shoe is launched onto the market and revolutionises the stability of ladders.

Günzburger Steigtechnik establishes itself as a technology and innovation leader for access technology solutions with its constant product innovations and technical expertise.

Günzburger Steigtechnik is the first company ever to receive the independent “Made in Germany” certification from TÜV Nord and will continue to produce exclusively in its home region in the future.


Safety. Made in Germany.

Günzburger Steigtechnik, run by the Munk family, is positioning itself for the future with security and strong growth: The future is a group of companies, the MUNK Group. Today as in the future, the family is fully behind the company and welcomes its responsibility. With the company promise: Safety. Made in Germany.

Currently, 5000 m2 of new production and logistics space for the access solutions business division is being built at the Günzburg site.

The growing rescue equipment business division is getting a new home at the Leipheim site.