Günzburger Steigtechnik: Premises | © MUNK GmbH Günzburger Steigtechnik: Premises | © MUNK GmbH

Shaping the future. Preserving the future.


Mission statement and commitment

The MUNK Group has set itself the goal and guiding principle of making all of its business processes sustainable, in harmony with the slogan “Shaping the future. Preserving the future”. Securing the livelihood of future generations and creating more social justice is a guiding precept. Economic success should be lasting and the measures and investments required to achieve this should be proportionate and compatible with the concept of sustainability.

The MUNK Group respects the fact that its economic success is in direct interaction with ecological and social responsibility. Only a balanced relationship between the three determinants will stabilise and secure the company’s future viability. With its products and its corporate persona, the MUNK Group wants to create added value. Added value of an economic nature, meaning its contribution to economic growth, but also of an ecological and social nature.


The company strives to achieve growth, progress and profitable business. Ecological and social objectives can and must be served and consistently upheld through this. The MUNK Group wants to develop in a sustainable way and contribute to sustainable development in society as a whole.

The aim of communicating the company’s sustainability activities is to inform the stakeholders of the MUNK Group, such as customers, employees, business partners, society and the public, about the company’s sustainability performance.

Areas of activity

  • Production and the production environment
  • Products and responsibility
  • Employees and social affairs
  • Society and commitment
  • Nature and habitat

Sustainability evaluation

In 2015, 2017, 2020 and 2022, the MUNK Group received the Silver CSR rating in a comprehensive evaluation of the company’s sustainability management in 

  • Environment
  • Working practices and human rights
  • Fair business practices
  • Sustainable procurement

in the evaluation programme run by the EcoVadis – sustainable supply management organisation (www.ecovadis.com). “This result places your company among the top 25% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis,” said EcoVadis at the presentation of the evaluation results.


  • EISEN 2016 CSR Award powered by BHB, the award for corporate social responsibility
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