Management: Ferdinand Munk and Alexander Werdich | © MUNK GmbH Management: Ferdinand Munk and Alexander Werdich | © MUNK GmbH

Safety. Made in Germany

This has been our mission for more than 120 years.

One family. One name. One mission.

With innovative access equipment solutions made in Germany, we are regarded as a guarantor of maximum safety. A promise that has always been kept over generations by the Munk family of entrepreneurs and that will be carried into the future by the next generation.

That is why we have decided to set a visible example with the brand name MUNK. Our family name is a guarantee for the continuity of our values and the future of the company in family hands. For maximum safety during your work. Designed and manufactured in Germany.

Safety. Made in Germany.
This has been the mission of the Munk family
for more than 120 years.

Whether for trade, industry, emergency and rescue services or the public sector – professionals trust in the quality of our products, services and solutions. Quite simply because they can rely absolutely on the uncompromising quality of our access technology solutions in daily use. On innovative products that are always one step ahead and that offer you decisive added value: maximum occupational safety day after day. To protect the most valuable thing you have – your health. Guaranteed by the perfect interplay of optimum function and maximum reliability.

The name MUNK represents a clear commitment. To the tradition, the values and the future security of our company with its production site in Germany. Continuing in family hands. Today and in the future.

MUNK. Safety. Made in Germany.

Yours, Ferdinand Munk
Owner and Managing Director of the MUNK Group