Product range of MUNK Günzburger Steigtechnik | © MUNK GmbH Product range of MUNK Günzburger Steigtechnik | © MUNK GmbH

Spotlight on occupational safety

MUNK Günzburger Steigtechnik

Because your
health is a
valuable asset.

Maximum safety for people is our mission.

MUNK recognises its long-term responsibility because your health is a valuable asset. And sets standards in the industry for the design of ergonomically efficient and safe work areas. With advanced, clever and professional solutions and award-winning products. For the decisive added extra in safety – for people like you who often work on ladders, platforms and scaffolding. For example, with slip-resistant step padding or the extremely stable nivello® ladder shoe with 2-axis inclination technology.

We want products that leave our factory to be reliable and to last – in the best case, for a lifetime. And we underline this with a guarantee promise of 15 years on the complete made in Germany standard range, which is unique in the industry. Manufactured at our sites in our local region of Günzburg, Germany.

MUNK Günzburger Steigtechnik roof working platform | © MUNK GmbH
Fast, efficient and safe repair and maintenance of commercial and rail vehicles.
Platform stairs mobile | © MUNK GmbH
Mobile platform stairs can be moved flexibly to different locations as required.

Manufactured to the highest MUNK-specific quality standards, our products naturally comply with all relevant standards and regulations, as well as being made exclusively from the best materials and using state-of-the-art production processes. This applies to our custom special constructions as well as to every product from our standard range of over 2,500 items. Because offering people maximum safety in their working environment is our goal. And we make this a reality in every product detail, no matter how small.

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