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The new nivello® is inspiring the trade world

Ladder shoe from Günzburger Steigtechnik makes an impression with its 2-axis inclination technology in the joint, and interchangeable foot plates.

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Maximum workplace safety and flexibility for working at heights: with the new generation of Günzburger Steigtechnik nivello® ladder shoes these are not just words, they're a reality. This is demonstrated by the fact that a quarter of a million second-generation ladder shoes are already in use, as well as by excellent feedback from the trade world. This first-class innovation from the Bavarian quality manufacturer is garnering a lot of praise from its users, was nominated for the DEKRA Award 2019 and GIT Security Award 2020 and has also been awarded the Plus X Award 2019. 

The second generation of the nivello® ladder shoe features additional functionalities: 2-axis inclination technology in the integrated joint, for example, ensures optimised, full-surface positioning on the ground, and interchangeable foot plates guarantee a secure grip on all kinds of ground surface. The grooved surface also serves as a wear indicator, while the ladder shoe's integrated angle control always shows the user the correct positioning angle for the ladder.

User praise from practice 

Evidence for the fact that the nivello® delivers in practice what it promises comes from the feedback from "Stadtwerk Regensburg. Fahrzeuge und Technik GmbH", for example. The company uses several ladders from Günzburger Steigtechnik that are equipped with the new nivello®. The access aids are used in its disaster protection and special vehicles departments, i.e. where fire service and rescue vehicles, snow ploughs and rubbish trucks are maintained and repaired. 

"In these areas, we have to deal with the typical safety challenges faced in heavy vehicle workshops: sometimes, there can be left-over oil, grease or radiator anti-freeze on the floor. Other times, there are slightly uneven areas in the floor", says Andreas Riebel, Deputy Plant Manager and Head of Organisation at "Stadtwerk Regensburg Fahrzeuge und Technik GmbH". "So it is all the more important that our engineers have a secure footing and position when working at heights - we cannot accept any compromise in this area. The nivello® ladder shoe optimises work safety and protection against slippage, so it's a real benefit to our workshops", continues Riebel. 

The company has been relying on quality products from Günzburger Steigtechnik for several years: in addition to various ladders, a custom-made roof working platform for maintaining the bus fleet is also in permanent use. "Whether individual project management or new ladders and platforms: we're delighted by the support, and we've found a partner for life in Günzburger Steigtechnik. Of course, it's also fantastic that all the ladders are now equipped with the second generation of the nivello®, because we really don't want to do without them now", adds Riebel.  

First-class feedback from all industries 

Thomas Jacob from the Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention for the Retail and Goods Logistics Sectors (BGHW) also approves of the fact that Günzburger Steigtechnik contributes to occupational health and safety with its quality products across all sectors. "We, of course, welcome it when access technology manufacturers ensure even greater safety in work thanks to accessories and equipment details, since they benefit everyone involved. Every measure that increases the static stability of ladders or improves safety when standing on ladders is something that we see as very positive", says the section leader for ladders, step stools and fixed working platforms at the BGHW. 

Günzburger Steigtechnik has set a new benchmark in terms of the static stability of ladders with the new nivello®. This is evident from the over 250,000 second-generation ladder shoes that have already made working at height safer since their market launch - and this is true across all sectors, as the sales statistics confirm: the nivello® sells just as well in the trade and industry sector as it does in the public and services sector. Specialist retailers are also delighted to have another product from Günzburg that offers real added value. 

Winner of the Plus X Award 

The nivello® ladder also shoe impressed the Plus X Award's independent panel of judges, made up of technical editors, designers and industry experts, right across the board: this new product won accolades in no fewer than four award categories - winning seals of quality for "Innovation", "Functionality", "Operating comfort" and "High quality", the most extensive category. The Plus X Award is awarded to products that impress with their innovative technology, unusual design and intelligent yet simple operating concepts. 

Thanks to the added value it offers in terms of work safety and flexibility, the new nivello® was also nominated for two further awards: first was the "Safety at Work" category in the DEKRA Award 2019, which honours outstanding concepts, initiatives and processes in the fields of safety at work, at home and in traffic. The ladder shoe was also a finalist in the GIT Security Award 2020, which is organised every year by the trade magazine GIT Sicherheit (GIT Security). The innovation from Günzburger Steigtechnik was shortlisted for the award by a panel of safety experts, comprising examiners, integrators and users. 

nivello® satisfies tough demands 

Ferdinand Munk, Managing Director of Günzburger Steigtechnik, is especially pleased by the positive feedback from the trade sector: "We are naturally delighted that the nivello® ladder shoe is so popular with the trade sector. The positive feedback shows that we are once again meeting users' tough demands with our new product. The nivello® offers them a complete range of extra added value - and as a quality manufacturer with a passion for innovation and leadership, they should expect nothing less from us."


About the MUNK Group

With its business units Munk Günzburger Steigtechnik, Munk Rettungstechnik, Munk Service and Munk Profiltechnik, the Munk Group is one of the most important suppliers of access and rescue equipment as well as suitable service solutions. As a technology and innovation leader in access equipment, the name Munk stands for safety made in Germany. The company is now run by the fourth and fifth generations of the Munk family - true to the motto "One family. One name. One mission".

In the MUNK Günzburger Steigtechnik business unit for access solutions, the MUNK Group carries over 2,500 products in its standard range, from ladders for commercial, public and private use to mobile scaffolding, platforms, stairs and bridging steps to custom-made special constructions. These include, for example, work and maintenance platforms, docking systems, walkways and assembly platforms, which, in the era of digitalisation, can also be automatically adapted to the respective environment using the latest control technology.

In the MUNK Rettungstechnik business unit for rescue equipment, the company offers access solutions and transport logistics for fire, rescue and disaster relief operations. These include, for example, multi-functional ladders, scaling and push-up extension ladders, rescue platforms, toolboxes, station equipment and a wide range of mobile containers. In the MUNK Service business unit, the MUNK Group bundles the areas of installation, testing, repair and maintenance of access solutions and rescue equipment, as well as seminars. The youngest business division, MUNK Profiltechnik, offers high-quality technology for individual and professional configurations with a functional and sophisticated profile system.

The MUNK Group is always drawing attention to itself with new ideas that offer customers real added value in practice. It has already received several awards for its innovations, its economic development, its responsible and sustainable actions and as a family-friendly employer. In 2022, the company was awarded the "Work and Family" audit by berufundfamilie Service GmbH.

The MUNK Group manufactures exclusively in its home region of Günzburg. It was also the first provider ever to be audited by TÜV Nord in 2010 with the certified proof of origin “Made in Germany” and grants a guarantee of 15 years on all standard made in Germany products. The Munk Group employs over 400 people at its headquarters in Günzburg and at the site of the Munk Rettungstechnik business division in Leipheim. The company recently invested 20 million euros in the development and expansion of its sites.

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